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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Gardening

Welcome Dominican Republic and Bhutan  -  51 countries and counting!

Well, finally got into my own garden this last couple of weeks.  Been very busy with the Master Gardener  Demonstration Garden in Frederick, MD.  Had A LOT of weeding to do.  Didn't have too much damage to my native garden.  I think I may have lost 2 perennial plants.  Ouch.

My native garden overrun with weeds

Very easy to pull weeds with uncompacted soil

Penstemon in front, Shasta daises in the back

Achillea on left, Monarda on right 

 I have decided to make more pathways that don't need any mowing.  My daughter has been collecting cardboard boxes for me over the winter.  (diaper boxes)     I laid those first to block and kill the grass and then spread weed block cloth over it.  It will hold down the cardboard pieces and give another layer to block weeds.  I used just cardboard and newspaper on the other paths and had just a few weeds last year.  No big problem.  I want to experiment and see if the weed block does a better job.

From the vegetable beds:



I have planted potatoes, lettuce and sugar snap peas.   I am sure I will have pretty pictures in few weeks.

On the home front, I found a cute perennial at Southern States for $4.  Bitterroot.  Never have seen it before, but it is very cute.


Carolina allspice- Calycanthus floridus

Small dogwood with rabbit damage.  Just the lower area is showing life.  We'll see.

Front yard rock garden.  Has Siberian iris, bugleweed, dahlias, liatris , contorted filbert, New England asters,and  false turtlehead - Chelone lyonii
dogwood in bloom in demonstration garden

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