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Saturday, June 18, 2011


The flowers are starting to bloom.  I started my flowers from seeds in my basement and the perennials I bought were small and cheap.

butterfly weed

zinnias started in my basement

Sunflowers.  I bought a large package about 6 years ago.  They still germinate and grow every year!

Zinnias.  I threw seeds in the ground on May 8.  They are getting ready to bloom

purple cone flower - echinacea

On the home front:

I found a cute caterpillar when I was weeding a flower bed this morning.  Looked him up, he will be a pretty white moth in the future.

Talk about between a rock and a hard place!

On the farm:

Added some equipment a few weeks ago.  When we find farm equipment that we need at a good price, we buy it.  We want to be more self sufficient and not have to borrow equipment if we don't have to.

hay wagons


Stood in my hay field and took a couple of pictures.  One is the view of the Catoctin Mountains, turn around and the other is all the round bales lined up for the winter.  What is good about this is, it reduces the temptation of teenagers joy riding in our field.  The bales block road access to the field.  The only way in from the road is where my car is parked.

You need to scroll on the bottom to see the next image

Tried out the panorama option on my camera.  Cool, right?

Stuck in the mud in this mom's 2 week old car

Not great pictures, taken on my cell phone

Took him weeks to fix the field.  In the winter, shoveling many dump truck loads of top soil into the ruts.  Truly a life lesson.    (I hope)

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