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Thursday, March 24, 2011


The best thing about starting your plants from seeds - variety.  I have started a lot of seeds in flats this week.  I am going to list them - don't be bored please - this record keeping is for my benefit.

If you double click on the photos, you can zoom in.

Shasta Daisy
Echinacea  Purple Coneflower  Purpurea
Hybrid pepper, ethnic sweet carmen F1
Tomato Heirloom tall vine Brandywine
Burpee Tomato 4th of July hybrid
Burpee Tomato  Big Boy hybrid
Black eyed Susan  Rudbeckia Hirta
Burpee Cucumber Tendergreen
Cantaloupe Halona F1 hybrid
Leaf Parsley  Titan
Creeping Thyme  Thymus serpyllum
Watermelon  sweet favorite hybrid
Cucumber, hybrid american slicing  corinto F1
Romaine lettuce Vivian Romaine
Broccoli  hybrid Windsor F1
Burpee Tomato Roma
Tomato hybrid  Mariana  F1
Zinnia  Giant Dahlia mix
Basil Genovese
Broccoli  Hybrid  Arcadia F1
Lavender  Munstead-type

The shelves are put together, the lights have been hung.  I am using a cool light fluorescent bulb and a plant/aquarium bulb together in each fixture.   The lights are a mere 4 inches away from the containers.
Each bulb has different colors of light that the plants need to germinate and thrive.

The lettuce seeds I planted 2 days ago have sprouted.  I plan to keep the lights on for 16 hours a day and off for 8.

I planted some perennials about 2 weeks ago - couldn't help myself.  They were in a southern window.  I think I got them under the better lights in time.

Shasta Daisy

Purple Coneflower

You may notice the diverse list of annuals, perennials and vegetables.   That is part of Integrated Pest Management.  I want to attract a lot of different bugs to my garden to keep some of the pesky bugs in check.  Also, I want to attract butterflies just because I like them.

My strawberries  will be here around 4/1, along with my red potatoes.  They are from Johnny's Seeds out of Maine.  Great quality and good prices.  I am buying as many disease resistant varieties that I can (F1.)  I did not get one cucumber or cantaloupe this year.  They were knocked down quickly by disease.  They were my true weaklings last summer.

I am ordering some native perennials this month to plant in the garden also.  Native plants are very important. That will be another whole page in a week or two.

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