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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day before snow

I have 2 days a week to work outside in the garden.  Tomorrow we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow, so today  I  worked on the pathways in the raised beds.  I had a lot of crabgrass in my mulch last year that I want a better handle on this time around.

We had a lot of large pieces of cardboard left over from some work my husband has done in his office.  This I hope will stop the grass from settling in.  My expectation is that the cardboard will kill what is underneath and any seeds that sprout in the mulch won't take hold too tightly on top.

I do like mulch instead of  weed block or plastic.  It is just a preference. Any would be fine.

I had an audience while I worked today.  A lazy day in the sun for Wes' cows.

The garlic is doing well.  I had to remove Brooklyn's present from the bed before I took the picture. (the remains of a deer skull.)  Yuk.

The strawberries from last year look good.

The seeds are doing very well.  A lot have germinated almost overnight!

Spent most of the morning with Master Gardeners in our Demonstration Garden.  We are renovating and planning to add more native plants to our section in the next year.  I then went to an urban community garden in Frederick City.  The organizer arranged for a Master Gardener to be available for advice if they have any questions.

I was very impressed with the work they have done in such a short time.  I think her vision is very exciting.  She lives in Frederick city and has converted her yard into a garden with raised beds.  A couple are elevated for people who are disabled or have a hard time getting down on the ground.

They have a plan to fill up her back yard with multiple raised beds with trellises, and plans are being made to install a 1000 gallon rain barrel.

I hope they invite me back.  This will be a very interesting garden.   It amazes me that she has more trouble with wildlife in the city than I have in the country!

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