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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Went on a nature walk in the  Catoctin Mountains this morning.  This walk had been scheduled for many months, but happened to coincide with the G8 Summit that had been rescheduled from Chicago to our own small town. Our community had just 8 weeks to prepare for any contingency that may have occurred.  There were actually PROTESTERS in Thurmont.   Thurmont!

A few roads were closed because this area is very close to the Camp David retreat used by our Presidents dating back to Dwight Eisenhour. No problem, we found back roads. This was private land so we had little concern of the police or military being worried about us.

I love doing walks like these because I always see things I have never seen before and always learn so much.
Part of the group

Started out in a fenced garden that used to be a vegetable garden many decades ago.  It is fenced to prevent deer and rabbits from invading.  Over the years, the owners have added many beautiful flowers and trees.  Some native, some from other continents.



Pink Poppies

Tulip Poplar Blossoms

We then moved into the woods.  Since this is private, the woodlands are pristine.  Trails are maintained, but there is an abundance of moss on the paths that surely would have been worn away in the public park.

Cinnamon Ferns

Close up of moss


Meadow Rue

Skunk cabbage

Small Fern

Squaw root - a parasitic plant that doesn't produce chlorophyll

Holes from Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

Whole tree is affected

Evidence of Witch Hazel Leaf Roller

There are many springs, ponds and streams in these mountains:

Old Log Home

Willow trees

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