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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Everyone was out today.  Sunny, temps in the mid 60s, no wind.  Ahhhhh.    Started the day watching my grandson so some cement work could be done at the farm.  Just as well, it was in the 40s when they started the work.

Went to an antique barn in Emmitsburg, MD when I was finished babysitting.  50s around 1 O'clock.  Still too cold for me.  Found a really cool box for my seeds and an antique wooden yardstick with holes drilled every 2 inches.  I plan to use this for planting seeds.

Got home around 3:30.  Perfect weather.  Went to work.  It was time to clean up the plants lining my steps to the house.  Cut the liriope down with a serrated knife, pulled up lots of weeds, tore out most of the prickly pear.  Left a few plump pieces in the dirt.  They will attach just fine and continue to grow.  I do this every year and never seem to learn.  You need to pull the prickly pear LAST!  I wear thick leather gloves, long sleeves and long pants, yet I have those tiny spines everywhere.  I spent the next 2 hours working in the garden and trying to pick out the spines as I went.



Knockout rose

prickly pear

The box I found is really solid.  I have no idea what it was used for or how old it is, but it is perfect to store my seeds.  It has really pretty brass screws.

The wooden yard stick has "Compliments of Creel Bros."  stamped on it.  My plan is to lay the stick on the dirt and drop a seed into each hole.  Of course  just plants that need to be 2 inches apart.


My seeds used to be in two cardboard boxes.  I am very happy with my new box:)  Everything fits great.



While we were out front enjoying the early evening,  I start pulling rocks from a rock pile that has been in the front yard for many years.  The idea was to line our culvert when our new driveway was installed. Life got too busy and that job was pushed to the bottom of my husband's list.  While I was talking to my husband and son, I was throwing rocks into a circular pattern.  In my head I was planning what I have to add to the soil and what perennials I am going to plant.  It started getting dark, so I stopped at this point.

That is a contorted filbert on the right.

rocks on other side of driveway

I am very fortunate that I can do this.  I have cut my work hours back a little.  I will now have an extra day off every 2 weeks.  My goal is to spend more time in my gardens.  This year I  have one more.  My home, my farm, and the demonstration garden for the University of Maryland Extension Service, native and vegetable.  It is good to be busy!

A true sign of spring - my first crocus


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