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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Welcome to Latvia and the Philippines!  That takes me to 21 countries!  Very cool.

I am hoping for the best that my garden will survive the next few days.  Over 100 degrees every day, uneven rain.  I have mulched  and mulched and watered and now I wait.  I planted pole beans where the sugar snap peas started the season.  Threw some  lettuce and beet seeds out.  When they germinate (weather permitting)  I will probably use a floating row cover to protect them from the sun.

As an experiment, I planted watermelon and cantaloupes among my tomatoes.  I figured that they would cover the soil between the tomatoes and act like a mulch to keep the soil covered.  It seems to be working pretty well.  I did add more lime to the soil because the roma tomatoes were having trouble with blossom end rot.  I have stepped up the watering too.  We have some pretty tomatoes already.

lime added - I carefully dug it in

A new addition to the farm.  These guys are less than 48 hours old.

Native garden hanging in there.  The plants that made it into the ground the earliest are the healthiest.  When I plant more, it will probably be in October or late March.  That way, they have a better chance of survival.

bee balm - Monarda

joe pye weed

black eye susan - Maryland state flower

Went to add water to my compost bin and lo and behold, there is a cantaloupe plant that has sprung from the base of the compost bin.  Funny thing is, it is the healthiest plant in the yard  :)

Also on the farm,  my husband accidently mowed a wasp nest.  Luckily he was on a four wheeler and was able to avoid most of the swarm that went after him.  Lucky guy.  We did have to visit the immediate care facility the next morning for treatment.

looks MUCH better

More farm pictures

My son's shirt.  You can see there is a friendly rivalry between John Deere and every other tractor.

heading out for a horse ride

tack room

We have to leave town for a few days.  I hope we get a little rain.  If not, I will plant more.

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