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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another rainy day

We have had a very wet spring around here.  We even had a mud slide about 10 miles north of us. And sink holes around the county.

Went to the garden this morning.  Standing water between the garden beds again.  The good thing about raised beds is the fact that it's ok to have standing water between the beds.  It doesn't bother the soil or what I have already planted.  It just impedes the gardener.

I took all my seedlings outside for the day.  It was 80 degrees and of course it rained this afternoon.  They look very happy.

I have been fighting stink bugs already, this time inside my house.  When I find them, I plop them into a can with soapy water in it.  They drown quickly.  The problem is, I find them on my plants.  I have found damage to my cantaloupe seedlings.  Where they injected their saliva  I have yellowing and destruction of the leaf.  I am hoping for the best.  I cut off the damage and fertilized the plants with fish emulsion in water.

Everything is coming up nicely.  My cover crop of crimson clover.  The sugar snap peas, lettuce, strawberries, chard, spinach.  I even cut fresh parsley!  Planted more spinach and planted my first round of green beans.  I am taking a chance with these, as our last frost date is around Mother's day. That is when everything else goes into the ground.

crimson clover

onions and parsley


sugar snap peas

My next project is getting my mounded bed ready for my native perennials next week.  My husband has offered to rototill the area, but it is still to wet to work the soil.  I made a decision to use glyphosate (roundup) on the weeds that have taken over this area.  I will not be planting food there and the foxtail is so entrenched,  I will take out a lot of soil if I dig up the whole plant. I have done some reading and found that glyphosate has an EIQ (environmental impact quotient) of only 15.3 (out of 100)  and breaks down very quickly.  Most of the organic pesticides have a higher EIQ.  You have to read directions carefully to use any chemical, organic or synthetic safely.


I took some pictures of my front yard today.  The Virginia Bluebells are peaking ( a native.)  These are beautiful and an ephemeral plant.  This is a plant that dies to the ground after it blooms.  It comes back the next year to do it all again.

I received some seeds from Monticello about 10 days ago.  We took a trip there last summer and saw lots of plants I have never seen before.  These are examples  of plants that Thomas Jefferson grew a couple of centuries ago.

I planted:

Africa Marigold  Tagetes erecta
Cockscomb  celosia cristata
Florence Fennel  Foeniculum vulgare azoricum
Love-lies-bleeding  Amaranthus caudatus

I will plant:

Scarlet-runner Bean   Phaseolus coccineus

You can order these online.  They have quite a selection.  Better yet, GO to Monticello.  The gardens are beautiful.  I could have cared less about the house.  The basements and gardens cannot be missed!
even the envelopes are beautiful
This is Brooklyn, my daughter Bailey's dog.  She guards the farm.  I did not lose one plant to an animal last year.  Just disease and 106 degree heat.  She also shares anything she catches :(

Well, hopefully next week will be better weather wise.  I will be working on my native garden, as the plants will arrive next week.  The Master Gardener plant sale is next Saturday the 30th. at  the Yellow Springs Lion's Club Community Hall   8829 Yellow Springs Road, Frederick, MD 21702.
From 0800 to Noon,  Rain or Shine!

I have added  Russia to my list of countries viewing my blog!

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